The School of Engineering and Technology is well-equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to meet our teaching and research needs. We constantly invest in upgrading, constructing or acquiring new facilities to enhance the learning experience and advance our research possibilities.

List of Labs 

Computer Networking & Security 
Cybersecurity Intelligence Lab

Electronics & Electrical Engineering
Engineering Physics Lab
Electronics Engineering Lab
Electrical Power Lab
Instrumentation and Control Lab

Chemical Engineering 
Chemistry Lab with Analytical Instrument Room
Fluid Mechanics Lab
Heat Transfer and Thermodynamic Lab
Unit Operation, Mass Transfer and Chemical Reaction Lab
Process Control and Simulation Lab

Research Centres
Smart Photonics Research Lab
Advanced Nano-Materials & Energy Research Lab
Carbon Dioxide Capture & Utilisation Research Lab 
Electrochemical Energy and Sustainable Technology Research Lab
House of Multimodal Evolution (H.O.M.E) Lab