Sunway Centre for Electrochemical Energy and Sustainable Technology

Sunway Centre for Electrochemical Energy and Sustainable Technology




Sunway Centre for Electrochemical Energy and Sustainable Technology (SCEEST) at Sunway University is leading in leveraging the extraordinary properties of graphene and other two-dimensional nanomaterials to drive innovation in a range of cutting-edge applications. With a focus on sustainability, SCEEST is exploring the potential of these materials in fields ranging from energy storage, harvesting, and conversion to biomedical engineering.

Our researchers are investigating and exploiting the unique characteristics of 2D materials, including graphene, MXene, transition metal dichalcogenides, and other hybrid nanomaterials, through a combination of synthesis, characterisation, and device fabrication. Their work has already yielded exciting advancements in heat transfer fluids, sensors, and energy storage.

At SCEEST, we are committed to sustainability and environmentally conscious practices. Our research team is actively seeking ways to harness the potential of 2D materials to address global challenges such as climate change and planetary health.

We collaborate with other research teams nationally and internationally, ensuring our discoveries and innovations are widely shared with the scientific community. Our findings are published in high-impact scientific journals, furthering the reach of our research and ensuring its impact is felt far beyond our institution.

Join us at the forefront of materials science research and discover the endless possibilities that graphene and 2D materials offer in shaping the sustainable future of technology.

Research Facilities and Services

Instrument (Brand/Model)CodeType of Analysis
Contact Angle AnalyserCAAContact angle measurement
Electrical Conductivity
[Haneflex, Emcee Model 1153 Digital Conductivity Meter]
ECLLiquid sample
Four Ball Tester 
[Ducom Four Ball Tester TR-30L-PNU-KRL-IAS-RFA-PC]
FBT-01Wear scar, COF
FBT-02Weld load
FTIR Spectrophotometer
[Perkin Elmer]
FTIR-04Attenuated Total Reflection (ATR)
Hall Effect Measurement System 
[Ecopia, HMS3300 (RT-500C)]
HMS-01Sample at room temperature and ambient environment
HMS-02Sample heating from room temperature to 500 °C and nitrogen ambient
Differential Scanning Calorimeter, High Pressure
[TA Instruments, Discovery DSC-25P]
DSC-03•    Temperature range: 30°C to 500°C
•    Oxidative-Induction Temperature (dynamic OIT) and Oxidative-Onset Temperature (OOT) analysis
Laser Flash Thermal Conductivity 
[Netzsch, LFA 467 HyperFlash]
LF-01Sample at room temperature and nitrogen ambient
[Anton Paar, MCR 302]
R-02Sample testing under variable heating and shearing rates
Seebeck Coefficient Measurement System 
[Netzsch, SBA 458 Nemesis]
SCM-01Sample at room temperature and nitrogen ambient
SCM-02Sample under heating from room temperature to 800 °C   and nitrogen ambient
Spin Coater
SPC-01Sample coating in ambient environment
SPC-02Sample coating in nitrogen environment
UV-Vis-NIR Spectrophotometer System
[Agilent, Cary 5000]
UV-03Liquid sample at room temperature
UV-04Liquid sample at room temperature
UV-05Solid/powder sample

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