Department of Computing and Information Systems

Department of Computing and Information Systems


Academics from the Department of Computing and Information Systems are specialised in a variety of research areas including artificial intelligence, computer vision, human computer interface, image or visual processing, biometrics/multi-biometrics, intelligent systems, embedded systems, wireless sensor networks and other aspects of networking, and high performance computing.

Our main research foci are:

Smart city related areas

Building on the foundation of Sunway City being a future-ready city

Connecting people

Utilising technology to improve communication in everyday lives

Some of our areas of expertise include:

  1. Business analytics and visualisation
  2. Haptics
  3. Intelligent systems (i.e. network, robotics)
  4. Knowledge representation and management
  5. Machine learning/Data mining
  6. Sentiment analysis
  7. Smart future network
  8. Visual computing

In recognition of the quality of the University's education in the information technology field and its commitment to the use of advanced digital technology across the institution, the University has been awarded the "Premier Digital Technology Institution" status by the Malaysian Digital Economy Corporation.