School of Engineering & Technology Courses

 School of Engineering & Technology Courses


BSc (Hons) in Computer Science

The Computer Science degree programme focuses on the design and development of systems infrastructure, as well as software and application technologies such as web browsers or databases. This programme has been developed according to the Malaysian Qualifications Agency Programme Standards for Computing and the Curriculum Guidelines for…

Bachelor of Information Systems (Honours) (Data Analytics)

The Bachelor of Information Systems (Honours) (Data Analytics) programme focuses on the development of analytical skills in the study of technologies. Harnessing and analysing massive data creates significant value for organisations and it has become the basis for decision-making to achieve greater efficiency while spearheading constant innovation…

Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Information Technology

This programme aims to equip you with the technical knowledge to keep abreast with the rapid advances in technology, and to develop your analytical skills. Students undertaking this programme are exposed to both technical and real-world practical experiences through the specially-crafted coursework and industrial training, making our graduates…

BSc (Hons) Information Technology (Computer Networking and Security)

Organisations depend on their information networks for mission-critical operations. Highly trained networking professionals are needed to ensure these infrastructures are resilient and operational. Threats towards networks are ever increasing and rapidly evolving. The security policies that are developed must be able to ensure accurate evaluation…

Bachelor of Software Engineering (Hons)

Software systems have become the cornerstone of all modern businesses. These systems are often complex yet must be robust and adaptable. This programme will equip you with the knowledge and understanding of user requirements in analysing, modelling, designing, and developing large-scale software systems that are reliable and robust. Such Software…

Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering with Honours

The Mechanical Engineering programme is a modern, project-based degree which aims to produce graduates who address the Grand Challenges for Engineering and the UNSDGs.

Bachelor of Chemical Engineering with Honours

Chemical Engineering is a discipline dealing with creating, developing and designing processes to produce, transform or transport products and materials.

Bachelor of Electronic and Electrical Engineering with Honours

The Electronic and Electrical Engineering degree programme is concerned with electrical and electronic equipment, interfaces and communications. Electrical engineering tends to focus on larger scale electrical equipment and power, whilst electronic engineering is more focused on smaller scale electronic circuits and devices, computer and…


Doctor of Philosophy (Computing)

This research-driven programme aims to develop students' research skills at an advanced level in some crucial areas of computing. Candidates for the Doctor of Philosophy in Computing at Sunway University will be leaders and innovators in the fields of computing, information and communications technology.

Doctor of Philosophy in Sustainability Science and Technology

This novel PhD programme aims to produce leaders in academia and industry through its multi-disciplinary approach to sustainability. Graduates will be equipped with quantitative and qualitative analytical skills necessary to formulate and champion technological solutions to global sustainability issues.

Master of Data Science (Online)

Sunway University's online Master of Data Science degree offers the chance to unlock new opportunities and gain valuable skills for a data-driven world. Benefit from expert academics, learn to manage complex data, and qualify without a related bachelor's degree.

Master of Science in Computer Science (By Research)

The Master of Science in Computer Science (By Research) programme will train students to carry out research in current and emerging fields within the Information Technology industry. With the aim of expanding a student's intellect by nurturing advanced knowledge in specialist technical subject areas, our focus is to enable students to lead future…

Master of Science in Information Systems

This programme is strategically positioned to enable students to undertake information systems research that is theoretically and methodologically rigorous, and enables them to develop the capability to plan, organise and carry out research studies at master’s level. It extends student's knowledge of research in the chosen area, and builds skills…

Short Courses & Micro-Credentials

Micro-credential in Computer Mathematics Fundamentals

This subject introduces students to fundamental concepts in mathematics and statistics which are necessary in computer science and software engineering. Students will be able to cover equations, functions, graphs, series, differentiation, integration, probability, and data descriptions.

Micro-credential in Networking Principles

This course aims to provide students with a basic understanding of networking terms and the skills to be able to plan and set up the network infrastructure for homes and small businesses. The topics include basic concepts and technologies of transmission and communication, networking hardware, standards, networking topologies, protocols, and…

Micro-credential in Object-Oriented Programming Fundamentals

This subject charts a general overview of the basic ideas and the fundamental concepts of Object-Oriented Programming.  Students will learn problem-solving skills and appreciate the significance of Object-Oriented Programming.

Micro-credential in Startup Foundry

A learn-by-doing course using design thinking and entrepreneurship methodology. In this course, students will develop a “growth mindset”, which includes problem solving skills and the creation of feasible solutions to problem statements that have significant economic value and/or meaningful impact on society. Students will be working in teams on…