Principal Activities

Principal Activities

  1. To establish comprehensive research programs on CO2 capture and its transformation to fuels and chemicals for the global market. The research shall address both fundamental and applied aspects covering the following scope of work:

    • Synthesis, characterization and evaluation of novel green solvents with properties tuned for CO2 capture.
    • Development of new solid sorbents for CO2 capture.
    • Development of novel processes for CCU employing applied physics and radiation technologies.

  2. To disseminate research findings in high impact scientific journals and prestigious conferences which will improve the visibility of Sunway University among the national and international scientific community.
  3. To be very active in postgraduate and postdoctoral supervision in the area of CO2 capture and utilization to produce competent human capital in this challenging field of global interest. 
  4. To provide consultancy and training through Lectures, workshops, seminars, short courses which will position Sunway University as a leader in contribution to the society and to the economy of the country.
  5. To establish local and international collaborations with leading organizations in the field.
  6. To develop state of art facilities and expertise to position Sunway University as the preferred destination for postgraduate studies and R&D in this field.

Through these activities this centre will be one of the engines propelling Sunway University to research excellence and thus effectively contributing to achieve the following research strategic goals of the University:

  • Develop A World-Class Research Culture And Impact.
  • Talent development in niche research areas.
  • Deliver Global Impactful Research & Development And Innovation Through Collaborative Research Partnerships.
  • Enable Translational Research Culture That Impacts The Society, Environment And Economy.
  • Creating Global Research Footprints.