Associate Professor Ts. Dr Farihahusnah Hussin

Associate Professor Ts. Dr Farihahusnah Hussin

  • Associate Professor
  • Programme Leader of Doctor of Philosophy in Sustainability Science and Technology
Centre for Carbon Dioxide Capture and Utilisation
SDGs Focus


Farihahusnah Hussin received her Bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering from Universiti Teknologi MARA, Malaysia in 2008. Her then moved to University of Malaya, Malaysia and completed her Master of Engineering Science in 2014. Her thesis focused on the modification and characterisation of bleaching clay for enhancement of their adsorption capacity in palm oil physical refining. Afterwards, she continued her PhD study in Chemical Engineering at the University of Malaya. Her research focused on wastewater treatment using renewable energy. She started working at Research Centre for Carbon Dioxide Capture and Utilisation (CCDCU), Sunway University, Malaysia as a Research Fellow since June 2018 and become a Senior Research Fellow in 2022. 

Her recent research activities include: 1) Biomass conversion technology, 2) CO2 capture and utilization technology (adsorption process and electrochemical), 3) Green solvents (deep eutectic solvents), 4) life cycle assessment (LCA) and environmental impacts, 5) water and wastewater treatment. Over the years her research was focused on environmental engineering-based projects. She has more than twenty published articles in ISI-indexed journals, and she has presented papers in national and international conferences and seminars as invited speakers and oral presenters. She has more than 594 citations with h-index of 9 in Google Scholar. Since 2018, She has been extensively involved in 6 research projects funded by Sunway University. She is currently supervising 1 PhD student as co-supervisor and 6 final year students as main/co-supervisor. She is also an active reviewer of high impact factor journals such as Journal of Cleaner Production, Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering and Chemosphere. She is a Professional Technologists of Malaysia Board of Technologists (MBOT), Malaysia. She is also the member of the Board of Engineers Malaysia (BEM), member of the Institution of Engineers Malaysia (IEM), Associate Member of the IChemE and member of American Chemical Society (ACS).

Academic & Professional Qualifications

  • PhD in Chemical Engineering, University of Malaya (2018)
  • Master of Engineering Science, University of Malaya (2014)
  • B. Eng (Hons) Chemical Engineering, MARA University of Technology (2008)

Research Interests

  • Biomass conversion technology
  • Activated carbon
  • CO2 capture and utilization technology (adsorption process and electrochemical)
  • Green solvents
  • Life cycle assessment and environmental impacts
  • Water and Wastewater Treatment

Teaching Areas

  • Engineering

Courses Taught

  • Fluid Mechanics

Notable Publications

  1. Hussin, F., Boon Kiat, L., Yusoff, R., Aroua, MK. (2024). A breakthrough adsorption study of modified activated carbon using different environmentally-friendly activating agents. Environmental Engineering Research, 29(1): 230005.
  2. Hussin, F., Hazani, NN., Khalil, M., Aroua, MK. (2023). Environmental life cycle assessment of biomass conversion using hydrothermal technology: A review. Fuel Processing Technology, 246, 107747.
  3. Hussin, F., Rahim, SANM., Hatta, NSM., Aroua, MK., Mazari, SA. (2023). A systematic review of machine learning approaches in carbon capture applications. Journal of CO2 Utilization, 71, 102474.
  4. Hussin, F., Hazani, NN., Aroua, MK. (2023). The Effect of Physicochemical Properties and Surface Chemistry on CO2 Adsorption Capacity of Potassium Acetate-Treated Carbon Pellets. Sustainability, 15 (6), 4903.
  5. Hussin, F., Hazani, NN., Aroua, MK. (2023). Effect of binder ratio on the physical properties of porous carbon pellet for CO2 capture. Materials Today: Proceedings.
  6. Hussin, F., Aroua, MK., Saidur, R., Rashid, ZNRZN. (2023). Nanofluids for CO2 capture. Nanomaterials for Carbon Dioxide Capture and Conversion Technologies 1, 89-125.
  7. Solangi, NH., Hussin, F., Anjum, A., Sabzoi, N., Mazari, SA., Mubarak, NM. (2023). A review of encapsulated ionic liquids for CO2 capture. Journal of Molecular Liquids, 121266.
  8. Hatta, NSM., Hussin, f., Gew, LT., Aroua, MK. (2023). Enhancing surface functionalization of activated carbon using amino acids from natural source for CO2 capture. Separation and Purification Technology, 123468.
  9. Hatta, N.S., Aroua, M.K., Hussin, F. and Gew, L.T. (2022). A Systematic Review of Amino Acid-Based Adsorbents for CO2 Capture. Energies, 15.
  10. Hussin, F., Aroua, MK., Yusoff, R. (2021). Adsorption of CO2 on palm shell based activated carbon modified by deep eutectic solvent: Breakthrough adsorption study. Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering, 9 (4), 105333.

Achievements & Accolades

External grant:

Malaysia Toray Science Foundation (Year 2023 Program), Science & Technology Research Grant - (Co-Researcher). Title of research project: Fabrication of heteroatom-doped porous carbon using various green amino acid salts for CO2 adsorption.

Internal grants (Funding body: Sunway University)

  1. GRTIN-IGS(02)-CCDCU-02-2023 - Principal Investigator (PI). Title of research project: Utilizing the potential of waste carbon dioxide captured as eco-friendly paper filler for sustainable product innovation. 
  2. GRTIN-IGS-CCDCU[S]-07-2022 - Principal Investigator (PI). Title of research project: Reduction of CO2 concentration from Biogas production process: A life cycle analysis of porous carbon pellet from a solid waste. 
  3. GRTIN-RRO-18-2022 - Principal Investigator (PI)
  4. GRTIN-RSF-SST-CCDCU-01-2020 - Principal Investigator (PI). Title of research project: Low-cost renewable material derived from plastic waste as a potential adsorbent for carbon dioxide capture. 
  5. GRTIN-RSF-SST-CCDCU-02-2020 - (Co-investigator)
  6. INT-2019-SST-CCDCU-01 - Principal Investigator (PI). Title of research project:  Carbon dioxide adsorption using biomass-based activated carbon functionalised with deep eutectic solvents.

Professional Associations

  1. ACS Malaysia Chapter (ACS Member:  32091189)