Dr Jaya Prasanth Rajakal

Dr Jaya Prasanth Rajakal

  • Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Department of Engineering
SDGs Focus


Dr. Jaya Prasanth Rajakal received his B.Tech in Energy and Environment Engineering, M.Tech in Renewable Energy Technologies and a PhD in Engineering. His research expertise includes systems analysis of energy and agro-industrial systems, developing mathematical optimization models and graphical techniques as decision support tools. Dr. Prasanth has worked on several industrial and government agency projects, providing insights and recommendations for decision makers. Notably, his research has developed net-zero, decarbonization, and methane abatement pathways for palm oil, electricity, and oil and gas sectors in Malaysia.

Academic & Professional Qualifications

  • PhD (Engineering), Taylor’s University, Malaysia (2022)
  • MTech, Karunya University, India (2017)
  • BTech, Tamil Nadu Agriculture University, India (2014)

Research Interests

  • Decarbonization strategies and Net-zero transition
  • Energy system transition
  • Agro-industrial system optimisation
  • Land use planning and optimisation

Notable Publications

  1. Rajakal, J.P., Hwang, J.Z.H., Hassim, M.H., Andiappan, V., Tan, Q.T. and Ng, D., 2023. Integration and optimisation of palm oil sector with multiple-industries to achieve circular economy. Sustainable Production and Consumption.
  2. Rajakal, J.P., Saleem, N.N., Wan, Y.K., Ng, D.K. and Andiappan, V., 2023. Low-Carbon Energy Transition for the Sarawak Region Via Multi-Period Carbon Emission Pinch Analysis. Processes, 11(5), p.1441.
  3. Rajakal, J.P., Tan, R.R., Andiappan, V. and Wan, Y.K., 2021. A Hybrid Optimisation Model for Land Allocation and Storage Sizing in Agro Food System. Process Integration and Optimization for Sustainability, 5 (4), pp.729 743.
  4. Rajakal, J.P., Tan, R.R., Andiappan, V., Wan, Y.K. and Pang, M.M., 2021. Does age matter? A strategic planning model to optimise perennial crops based on cost and discounted carbon value. Journal of Cleaner Production, 318 , p.128526.
  5. Rajakal, J.P., Ng, D.K., Tan, R.R., Andiappan, V. and Wan, Y.K., 2021. Multi objective expansion analysis for sustainable agro industrial value chains based on profit, carbon and water footprint. Journal of Cleaner Production , 288 , p.125117.
  6. Rajakal, J.P., Andiappan, V. and Wan, Y.K., 2021. A pareto multi objective optimisation for sustainable expansion in sago plantations. Chemical Engineering Transactions,83 , pp.157 162.
  7. Rajakal, J.P., Andiappan, V. and Wan, Y.K., 2021. Mathematical approach to forecast oil palm plantation yield under climate change uncertainties. Chemical Engineering Transactions, 83 , pp.115 120.
  8. Rajakal J.P., Ng DK, Tan RR, Andiappan V, Wan YK. Mathematical Optimisation Model for Management of Sago Palm Plantation Expansions. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING. 2020;78.
  9. Rajakal, J.P., Ng, D.K., Tan, R.R., Andiappan, V. and Wan, Y.K., 2019. A mathematical optimisation model for analysis of minimal cropland expansion in agro value chains. Sustainable Production and Consumption ,20 , pp.178 191.
  10. Rajakal, J.P., Tan, R.R., Andiappan, V., Wan, Y.K. and Pang, M.M., 2022. Data set on oil palm plantation production and LUC emissions under different management strategies. Data in Brief, p.108329.

Achievements & Accolades


  1. Review of Current State, Gaps, and Opportunities for Technologies in the Malaysian Oil Palm Estates and Palm Oil Mills towards Net-Zero Emissions.
  2. Economic Analysis of Methane Emission Reduction Opportunities in the Malaysian Oil and Gas Sector
  3. Techno-Economic Analysis of Hydrogen Supply Chain in Sarawak
  4. Analysis of the Availability and Accessibility of Biomass Resources in Malaysia